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Property tax bill – Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit

Don and I bought our Appleton condo as new construction 3 years ago. I realized yesterday we are not receiving the Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit on our property tax bill. It is something we have to apply for. Last year in the Appleton school district in Calumet County the credit was $163.91. The amount of the credit for your home can be found on your county treasurer’s website. To qualify for the credit the property needs to be your primary residence as of the January 1 certification date of the year the property taxes are levied.

To find out if you are getting the credit you can look at your tax bill. The tax bills are also available online from your community’s taxing authority.

We are applying for the credit going forward. It will appear every year on the tax bill. That form needs to be sent to our county treasurer.

We are applying for a credit for 2019. That form needs to be filed with the state along with a copy of our property tax bill by October 1. We look forward to getting past COVID and celebrating our windfall!

Wisconsin Lottery and Gaming Credit Program is the link for information.

Lottery and Gaming Credit Forms is the link for the forms.


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